A Comparison of the Most Luxurious Real Estate Markets in Los Angeles

A Comparison of the Most Luxurious Real Estate Markets in Los Angeles

Eternal sunshine, beautiful beaches, luxurious living, and endless culture… Just a few of the reasons why people love Los Angeles and never want to leave. Spanning over an area of over 4,000 square miles and home to just over 10 million people, Los Angeles county is a very diverse area offering a huge variety of opportunities for real estate investment.

Bel Air

Tucked away along the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains and removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, Bel-Air  is definitely one of the most private and exclusive neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Bel-Air is most widely known for its breathtaking homes on some of the city’s largest lots, spacious enough for a pool, a guesthouse, and even tennis courts in addition to a spectacularly grand main house. Many Bel-Air homes include breathtaking views of the Los Angeles basin, making residents feel as if they are still engaged with the beauty of the city while maintaining their privacy.

Home to many high profile individuals and families, Bel-Air is appealing to many buyers for the privacy it can offer residents. Most homes are gated, surrounded by tall hedges and lush greenery, and feature what seem like mile-long driveways, making this area the ideal neighborhood for those looking for a luxurious, private getaway they can come home to every night. With this high level of privacy comes slight isolation from nightlife and other parts of the city. While the homes are certainly luxurious, the area is lacking in the extravagant dining, shopping, and entertainment options available in other parts of the city.

However, with the size of the properties in this area and all of the possible amenities the space permits, your home can serve as your own country club, restaurant, and entertainment space. It is clear that many feel it worth the compromise, as the demand for Bel-Air homes greatly outweighs the supply.  The prestige and grandeur of this area has buyers from all over looking to purchase real estate in Bel-Air. Right now, the estimated median listing price of homes in Bel-Air is $3.3 million.

Beverly Hills

is often what pops into many minds when they think of the Los Angeles Area. While Rodeo Drive, the Beverly Hills Hotel and the city’s “90210” zip code are quintessential icons of the city, this area is more than just a tourist attraction. Beverly Hills has come to be an almost universal symbol for wealth and elegance, a place where people go to see and be seen. In addition to some of the country’s best shopping, dining, and entertainment, some of the world’s most luxurious and coveted real estate can be found here.

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